Car Rental at Sao Paulo Airport: The Best Companies

by Mark Rebindaine  |  Published December 15, 2022

Situated 25k from the centre, São Paulo International Airport or Guarulhos (GRU) as it is commonly known, is the primary airport serving Sao Paulo. Home to 20 million paulistas (as the locals are called), Sao Paolo is an enormous and slightly intimidating city but with multiple attractions both within and outside the city.

Sao Paulo (Photo: Bruno Thethe /Unsplash)

Taking into consideration the perplexity and limits of the local public transport and the vast size of the city, most visitors tend to rely on having their own car to get around. To cater for this demand, there were several international car hire companies (Alamo and National) and three South American car rental companies operating at the airport at the time of publication: Localiza, Movida and Unidos.

To pick out which of these deserve the top spots across three separate categories (Most Affordable, Best for Luxury and Best for Minivans), has conducted extensive researches across all the agen-cies operating from the airport and come up with the following results.

Most Affordable – Localiza

If you’re looking for a cheap car rentals at GRU International Airport, then you need look no further than Localiza. With many affordable econ-omy cars like the Ford Ka and the 5-seater Renault Kwid, Localiza is a great option for reliable run-arounds at excellent prices. All rental car companies listed at are trustworthy, so on your giv-en day of travel, you’ll be safe to pick the cheapest car rental avail-able car for your dates. However, we’d advise you to make sure the com-pany is located at the airport terminal of Sao Paulo Airport.

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Best for Luxury -Localiza

Visitors looking for the best luxury rental cars at GRU Airport might be a little disappointed by the lack of ultra luxurious vehicles on of-fer. Of the companies we surveyed, however, Localiza has the best se-lection of premium vehicles. Localiza offers luxury sedans like the Mercedes-Benz C180 and popular 4x4s like the Jeep Renegade and the SUV, the Jeep Compass. Some foreigners might be a little wary about renting from an unfamiliar brand, however, Localiza scores a very respectable 8.6 out of 10 from customer feedback.

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Best for Minivans – Movida

With a number of full-sized SUVs and minivans in its fleet and plenty of positive customer feedback, Movida – another Brazilian rental car company – is a family’s best bet for a car rental out of GRU Airport. The second highest-ranked car rental company at the airport, Movida re-ceives high marks for the helpfulness of the staff, the upkeep of the vehicles and the general cleanliness of the vehicle. Although the choice is limited, Movida’s fleet includes the highly-rated Chevrolet Spin amongst its fleet.

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