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Where to buy cheap Aladdin tickets in NYC

by Paul Joseph  |  Published April 27, 2018

Aladdin remains one of the theatre world’s most enduringly popular shows, captivating both children and adults alike down the years. The musical, based on the 1992 Disney animated film of the same name, is a regular fixture on the Broadway scene, with its adaptation of the famous story of a poor young man who is granted three wishes by a genie in a lamp.

A performance of Aladdin advertised outside New Amsterdam Theatre in New York (Photo: Rough Tough, Real Stuff via Flickr)

There are a wide number of online vendors selling tickets to Aladdin shows in New York, many of which offer deals and discounts, as well as popular add-ons such as combined pre or post-show restaurant meals. To help you find the right option for your preferences and needs, we’ve picked out three of the best.

Ticketmaster is a renowned US ticket sales company that is used by entertainment fans across the globe, and is the official ticketing partner for Aladdin shows. When we looked for tickets to see Aladdin in New York, the cheapest prices tended to be around the $80 mark. The site offers a number of handy functions, including letting users specify a budget so their search results only display tickets that fall into that price spectrum. For the convenience of buyers, mobile-only tickets are available, reducing the risk of fraud and of losing your tickets too. There are also lots of optional extras that you can pay for, including parking passes and insurance to protect you if you can’t attend. One negative is that Ticketmaster’s added fees are rather pricey, amounting to around 20 percent of the ticket price.
Founded in 2001, offer discounts for Broadway shows in New York, including high-demand plays and musicals such as Aladdin. A common way to get discounted tickets through their website is to use discount codes when you purchase them. They collect the latest discount offers for you to use when you buy your tickets, completely free of charge. Some shows have multiple discounts, each with varying rules and availability, so be sure to review these details in order to select the one that works best for you. The discount will often be deducted from your purchase during checkout – otherwise, you’ll see a discount code that you’ll need to copy and apply to your purchase during checkout. Additionally, in many cases the company also offer a marketplace to find tickets from guaranteed resellers.

Theatre Development Fund

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Created in 1968, a major purpose of the Theatre Development Fund is to encourage and enable diverse – and often disadvantaged – audiences to attend live theatre and dance in all their venues with heavily discounted tickets. They offer a wide array of tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway musicals, plays, and dance productions on sale daily at anything from 20-50% off regular prices. This service is ideal for visitors to New York who are happy to book tickets on the day of a show. Ticket availability and inventory can change quickly, so to help plan ahead, you can browse real-time listings on their website or on your mobile device with the official app. You can then pick up your tickets from one of their Discount Booths dotted across the city, including their flagship booth in the heart of Times Square. The $5 per ticket service fee supports a host of programmes that bring theatre to people who may not otherwise be able to attend.