The best 5 cheap hotels in Nice

by Chris Newens  |  Published April 9, 2017

Oh, you’re going to Nice? That’s… fantastic! The fifth largest city in France is also one of the country’s best coastal tourist destinations. It’s on the Cote d’Azur but lacks the snootiness of its neighbours (St Tropez, Monaco, we’re looking at you), and beneath rustic Provence, but nowhere near as provincial. Plus, summer pretty much gets underway there in March and doesn’t let up until October. And while it’s true that the city was hit by tragedy in the 2016 Bastille Day attacks, it has shown remarkable resilience in keeping the party going.

Being a top tourist destination means that there are plenty of hotels to choose from at both ends of the financial spectrum. For those of you wanting to save your money for the casinos, though, we at TravelMag have searched long and hard to find the best bargains on (and near) the beach!