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Where to find cheap Lion King Tickets, NYC Broadway

by Paul Joseph  |  Published December 10, 2018

Based on the 1994 animated Disney film of the same name, Lion King has grown to become a theatrical icon, with its action-packed – and often heart-rending – story of a young lion called Simba. First produced as a musical stage adaptation in 1997, it premiered in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July of that year, and a few months later opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

A Lion King performance is advertised above a theatre in Times Square (Photo: DebMomOf3 via Flickr)

There are many online resources for buying tickets to Lion King on Broadway, with some great deals often available, not to mention add-ons such as restaurant meals before or after the show. If you’re struggling to navigate all the options, then look no further, as we’ve picked out three of the best places to find tickets online.

Ticketmaster have a huge choice of tickets on sale for the Lion King at Minskoff Theatre on Broadway, with prices starting at $155 when we searched for upcoming dates. The website is simple and intuitive to use, and lets you set a budget so the search results only bring up tickets within that range. You can also ask for e-tickets to be stored on your mobile, as an alternative to paper tickets that can get lost in the post – or indeed by you. This also has the effect of reducing the risk of fakes. Parking passes and ticket insurance can also be added on to your order. However, be aware that agency fees are high with Ticketmaster, and can sometimes amount to 20% of the ticket price.
For re-sale tickets, StubHub are a popular choice. The website comes with a reputation backed by their high profile owners eBay, as well as approaching 20 years of keeping entertainment lovers happy. They don’t own the tickets themselves, but instead provide a platform for users to buy and sell them at rates of their choosing, and then take a cut of the transaction. They do, however, promise to recompense you with equivalent or superior tickets in the event of there being a problem when you try to enter the venue. The website often has VIP tickets available for events too. When we searched for Lion King on Broadway, we found tickets starting at £125 for an approaching date.

Theatre Development Fund

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The Theatre Development Fund is a not-for-profit organisation which works to make theatre affordable and accessible to all by offering discounted show tickets. Every day, individual Broadway and Off-Broadway shows – including Lion King – choose the discount for its tickets sold via the Fund. Since different shows have different ticket prices, it’s hard to say what the exact cost will be, but in general a Broadway ticket discounted at 50% will be somewhere between $75 – $95. There’s a $6 per ticket service fee that goes to TDF to support the organisation’s endeavours. To get tickets, theatre lovers can log into the official TDF app to view up-to-the-minute listings and identify ticket booths where tickets can be purchased.