7 of the best Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

by Roisin McAuley  |  Published May 8, 2018

The advancement of the internet and technology has allowed freelancers to work from any corner of the world; the climate of Barcelona makes it the obvious choice for workers looking to relocate and work remotely.

Early morning rises are easier when you have the beach on your doorstep (Photo: Kent Kanouse via Flickr)

Freelance creatives are easy to find in this city, particularly those navigating their own start-ups or young app designers with skill sets to share with many industries. Barcelona is also incredibly accessible for those travelling within the city’s boundaries, with metro travel being relatively cheap and its very own bike sharing initiative. 

Co-working spaces are easy to find across the city, from north to south and the beach to the hills. Tariffs and prices offered in these spaces typically depend on the number of hours access you would like or requirements that your work has. Inside each space is a hub of dynamic workers: a mix of cultural and professional backgrounds with skills to trade and embrace amongst each other. We’ve selected seven of the best, spanning across the city and each with their own individual traits, to help you select your ideal working space in Barcelona. 

A variety of workers combine in the first floor of Coworkidea (Photo: Roisin McAuley)


Based near the university and popular museum area, Coworkidea has a very settled rhythm of work. Set over two floors, the spaces are occupied by a variety of professionals. Upstairs find larger teams and more established workers, whilst on the first floor the area is split between a hot desk-ing area, mainly utilised by independent, freelancers who can opt for part-time or full-time access; and fixed desks that can rented by small collectives, businesses or freelance regulars. Each different type of worker can select the plan with parameters that suits their needs best, with 24 hours access available on some tariffs. Evening and shared office activities include weekly lunches, yoga and networking nights to introduce new individuals or teams to the community.

Carrer de Torres i Amat 21

Chiringuit Office 

A chiringuito is one of the relaxed beach bars that are propped up in the sand of the Catalan coast; in Chiringuit the founders took this idea and created a working space complete with this atmosphere. The space was founded by SciArt Design, a team of multidisciplinary digital freelancers, in the popular and creative area of Poble Nou. Only five minutes from the beach, the space is great for those who value a balanced working life.  As well as being the perfect base of digital nomads and creative freelancers, Chiringuit houses its own art gallery, which increases the dynamic pool of visitors and workers who frequent this location.

Carrer de Ramon Turró, 257-259

Depot Lab has a variety of spaces and hosts regular evening activities (Photo: Roisin McAuley)

Depot Lab

Built by co-founders Deborah and Renzo, this co-working space is a home for those both native and new to the city. The co-founders work in house, like the parents of the spaces, and are there for everything; setting up and getting involved in all aspects of the venue. Bridging the central Eixample district and creative Gracia hub, Depot Lab has a warm welcoming atmosphere and social-ness, showcasing how a co-working space can evolve into a community. Every day of the week has a different evening meet-up, set up to aid freelancers and start-ups.

The two locations, one located near Joanic and the other by Verdeguer Metro, facilitate access from all over the city, with a number of nearby Bicing stations (the local bike sharing service) for the active commuters. The spaces are also split to facilitate workers needs: a bright cafe and hot desk area are accessible throughout the day, fixed private desks, working spaces and meeting rooms are available to hire with a pricing plan to suit your own individual needs. 

Carrer del Bruc, 149 and Carrer de Joaquim Ruyra 9 – 11

La Vaca offers a unique and spacious working environment (Photo: Roisin McAuley)

La Vaca

New to the co-working scene, La Vaca has found the perfect home in Poble Sec. Turning around an old dairy, the premises have undergone a remarkable transformation: the contemporary workspace is constructed of an the exposed stone interior, lit by the windows in the high ceilings. After a busy working day upstairs move downstairs where socialising is prioritised, with a bar, games area and cinema space. Independent workers seeking to build new relationships and add a social aspect to their work will be very at home in this space.

Like most co-working venues, there are tariffs to suit all working styles. Despite being one of the new spaces in the city, La Vaca are quickly seeing many travelling workers regularly returning to their premises, utilising passes built specifically for digital nomads, as well as 10 day passes or the flexible plans. 

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19


Occupying a penthouse where Eixample meets El Born, Aticco is a large co-working space whose popularity can result in waiting lists for those looking to join. Alongside the desk spaces that many other spaces offer, Aticco also has private office space that appeals to small independent businesses and collectives. The space and atmosphere is more akin to that of a regular office, and proves popular for freelancers looking for routine and high quality, office facilities. Services include 24 hour access, a roof top terrace with 360 degree views and gym membership.

Ronda Sant Pere, 52

A coffee shop atmosphere filled with with independent workers at Co-Co Coffice (Photo: Roisin McAuley)

Coco Coffice

In Sant Antoni, the stylish premises of Coco Coffice could easily be confused for a cafe; and this was the the hybrid co-founders Carole and Axel where inspired by. The benefit here, however, is that workers can escape the crowds of coffee shops, and work in a co-working space that doesn’t come with the socialising pressures or organised networking that co-working spaces normally offer. This space is often inhabited by very independent, flexible freelancers. Another unique aspect of the premises is that workers also don’t need to commit to fixed desks or long hours in order to get their money’s worth; you pay per hour you spend here with everything explained by one of the owners when you arrive at the space.

Another original concept that the team is working on is Satellites by Coco Coffice. Satellites is creating a network of co-working spaces throughout Barcelona; flexibility for the user is key in this initiative. Unique unused spaces that are adaptable for working in, and which reflect the chic aesthetic of the original office, are selected to be part of the co-working space network. Opt for daily, monthly and weekly subscriptions and you receive access to any of the Satellites spaces, currently including El Raval-based spaces La Confiteria and Bar Muy Buenas, and Margot House on Paseo de Gracia.

Carrer de Manso, 17


Whilst other spaces go large, the sustainable community ethos is the appeal of Apocapoc.  Tucked away in the small streets of El Born, the space has a green and eco-friendly focus that inhabits their work spaces, terraces and roof garden- complete with fruit trees. Desks and working is less rigid than that of many co-working spaces, complete with sofas and make-shift tables, utilised by the creative workers and events. But, the tariffs work similarly to many of the spaces: based on daily or monthly use and whether you wish a fixed desk. The space diverts from traditional co-working, renting the premises to a variety of projects in the evenings and weekends; a particular highlight are the culinary events that the community embrace.

Passatge Hort dels Velluters, 5