A Comparison of Direct Flights from Singapore to the USA

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published March 18, 2023

It’s a hefty distance to travel, but thankfully you can make the journey between Singapore and the United States without any lengthy layovers these days. 

There are at least four daily direct flights between Singapore and San Francisco (Photo: Thomas Hawk via Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0)

There are dozens of indirect options on offer, but a direct flight from Singapore to the United States is by far the quickest and most convenient way to travel. At 18 hours 50 minutes and a distance of 5,9191 miles the flight to New York is the longest direct flight from Singapore to anywhere in the world, though you can reach the West Coast in a slightly more palatable 15 hours. Only two airlines currently offer direct flights and Singapore Airlines is the only airline to offer flights beyond San Francisco. We’ve analysed the best direct flight options between Singapore and the United States taking into consideration prices, departure times, onboard facilities and amenities. 

The longest flight from Singapore is a 5,919-mile non-stop route to New York City (JFK). 

Singapore Airlines

best direct flights Singapore to US

Singapore Airlines is renowned for its high-quality service (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Singapore Airlines operates daily flights from Singapore to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, as well as a less frequent direct flight service from Singapore to Seattle. It’s a top choice for customer service and luxury, with an economy class that regularly ranks as a far-above-average experience and renowned First Class cabins, though not all direct flights offer anything above Business Class. 

The airline offers two daily flights from Singapore to San Francisco departing at 09:20 am (08:50 am arrival) and 07:50 pm (7:30 pm arrival) respectively. Flights average 14 hours and 40 minutes. 

Flights to New York (JFK) take 18 hours and 50 minutes. The airline operates two direct flights to the city per day, one to Newark Airport (EWR) and one to John F Kennedy Airport (JFK). Flights to Newark depart late in the evening and arrive at 06:00 am, while flights to JFK Airport depart at midday and arrive shortly before 07:00 pm. 

Singapore Airlines also offers one daily flight to Los Angeles (LAX), which departs at around 09:00 pm and lands at 9:40 pm. The flight takes 15 hours and 55 minutes. Luxury travellers should note that there is no First Class/Suite service on this flight. 

Those travelling to the northern stretches of the country can hop on a non-stop 14-hour and 45-minute flight to Seattle too. Flights depart and land in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Singapore Airlines is the best option for those looking for more flexibility when it comes to US destinations. As the only airline offering travel to the United States in First Class/Suites, it’s also the best option for those looking for a more refined flight experience. 

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United Airlines 

best direct flights Singapore Airlines United States

United Airlines offers the most affordable direct flights between Singapore and the United States (Photo: United Airlines)

United Airlines offers daily flights from Singapore to San Francisco. Flights depart at either 09:00 am (and arrive at 08:50 am) or 09:00 pm (and arrive at 08:50). Flights average 14 hours and 50 minutes, so there’s little difference between the two airlines when it comes to departure times and journey duration. Passengers can choose from five classes of tickets, with four variations on Economy and one Business Class ticket. There is no First Class option. 

Most flights use the retrofitted Boeing 787-9 aircraft, which seats around 300 passengers in a three-class configuration. All passengers have access to entertainment through seatback screens, as well as power outlets and USB ports. WiFi is available for purchase in all cabin classes. All passengers can enjoy complimentary soft drinks, juices and hot drinks, as well as two hot meals. 

This is the best option for budget-minded travellers. Prices are always cheaper than Singapore Airlines, with potential cost savings of hundreds of pounds. Even with the most basic ticket, travellers are entitled to one personal item, one carry-on bag and one checked bag. Ticket changes and seat selection costs extra. 

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