The best Fraser Island Tours from Hervey Beach or Noosa

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published March 29, 2021

Sand, glorious sand! That’s what Fraser Island is all about. As the largest sand island in the world, unsurprisingly, one day tours to Fraser Island are extremely popular from nearby towns like Hervey Beach and Noosa. And the heritage-listed island has some rare features that make it extra special including a healthy rainforest, rooted in the high dunes, plus many perched lakes, which are permanent water features formed when sand in depressions in the dunes combines with decomposing organic matter to create a cement like substance preventing the water from seeping away.

Finding a cheap tour to Fraser Island via Rainbow Beach that allows you to make the most of these amazing natural features isn’t always easy. We have sifted through all those that are out there to filter out the best five tours available that leave from either Hervey Beach or Noosa. We’ve selected tours that include key Fraser Island experiences like swimming in the perched lakes, snorkelling trips and exploring the rainforest. We also take into account each tour’s value for money, reviews from previous travellers and the quality of the guides.