10 Fashionable Havaianas Flip Flops for the Beach

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published July 5, 2021

Fan of the humble flip flop? We all have Havaianas to thank for them; it was the first company to mass-produce a beach shoe made entirely of rubber. Since then countless companies have imitated the brand, but there’s nothing quite like the original. 

Top Flip Flop (Photo: Havaianas)

Founded in 1962, Havaianas was invented by a man called Robert Fraser. The shoe was inspired by the traditional Japanese ‘Zori’ sandal brought over from Japan by GIs after World War Two. These shoes were made from a cushioning rice straw material, with a thong strap support – much like the Havaianas we know and love today. In fact, the rice patter sole on every Havaianas flip flop is a nod to its Japanese origins. The company has grown to become the world’s largest producer of flip flops, with 200 million pairs sold every year. There’s over a hundred different styles, colours and patterns to choose from, so if you’re stumped on which to choose, we’ve rounded up ten fashionable flip flops for the beach. 

Top Flip Flops 

The Top Flip Flop is Havaianas signature style and a real summer staple. Available in a variety of different vibrant colours, this iconic style works well by the beach and pool. The flip flop is available in a staggering range of sizes, suitable for kids, men and women. The rubber sole features a cushioned footbed for extra comfort and the classic textured rice pattern sole for grip. Prices from $18. 

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Hype Flip Flops 

Havaianas Hype Flip Flop (Photo: Havaianas)

The Hype Flip Flops feature scenes that could compete with your beachside views. There is a range of different designs to choose from, each depicting a far-flung beach destination to get you in the mood. Havaianas signature sole keeps feet comfy too. Prices from $18 

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Slim Frozen 2 Flip Flops 

If you’re struggling to get the children to hide away their tootsies on the beach, the Fantasy Havaianas range is perfect. We’ve highlighted the Slim Frozen 2 variety, but there’s a variety of different characters to choose from, including Spiderman, Cinderella and Amrio. The thong-style flip flop features a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort too. Prices from $18. 

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You St. Tropez Flip Flops 

Fashionable Havaianas flip flop

You St. Tropez Flip Flop (Photo: Havaianas)

These show-stopping women’s flip flops are perfect for transitioning between beach and evening wear. They feature a block colour 100% rubber sole, with a colourful and tropical printed spandex strap, available in a range of prints and colours. The thong-style strap creates a pretty bow effect too. Prices from $20.69

Brazil Logo Flip Flops 

Another summer classic, the Brazil Logo Flip Flops feature a flag embellishment and contrasting logo on the matte strap for authenticity. The shoe features the same signature texture footbed as the Top Flip Flop, but with the iconic Havaianas multicolour sole. The flip flops are suitable for kids, women and men, in a range of sizes and colours, from a subdued black to canary yellow with a forest green strap. Prices from $26. 

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Luna Premium Sandal 

Fashionable flip flops for the beach

Luna Premium Flip Flop (Photo: Havaianas)

The Luna Premium Sandal is available in kids sizes and women’s sizes. It’s the same cushioned footbed and rice pattern rubber sole, but with a jazzy thong-style sling-back strap. Did we mention it’s sparkly too? A versatile shoe that works just as well at breakfast by the pool as it does in a beachside cabana. Prices from $28. 

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Urban Special Flip Flops 

These flip flops look peculiar without a foot inside them but exceptionally stylish as soon as you put them on. Made with genuine leather straps that wear well and a dual-density rubber sole, this is about as upmarket as a flip flop can get. The Upper layer provides an additional soft rubber to form around your feet. A casual flip flop that manages to ooze sophistication at the same time. Prices from $33. 

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You Trancoso Premium Sandal 

Fashionable flip flops for the beach

You Trancoso Premium Sandal (Photo: Havaianas)

This premium style sandal flip flop is perfect for city breaks and evenings by the beach. The footbed features a textured rice pattern for comfort and the dual-density soles mean they’ll last you a long time too. The mule-style slider strap is easy to pop on and wide enough to provide a good level of stability. The flip flops are available in tan or silver. Prices from $38.

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You Metallic Flip Flops 

These flip flops offer a touch more height for the beach with a bi-layer footbed, helpful for those with shorter legs or tight hamstrings. The sleep laminated straps are available in a range of different colours to coordinate with your beachside outfits too, including gold and silver. Prices from $38. 

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Power Flip Flops 

Power Flip Flops (Photo: Havaianas)

This slightly more expensive flip flop is perfect for those whose flip flops tend to fly off the foot. The perforated matte strap offers excellent breathability in a sporty style, featuring the Havaianas logo in a contrasting colour. Plus, the sole is designed with ergonomic grooves that align with the pressure points of the foot for ultimate comfort – which means no achy ankles either. Prices from $36 

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