10 of the Best Hotel Mattresses You Can Buy Online

by Paul Joseph  |  Published March 22, 2021

For some people it’s the robe and slippers, for others the minibar and LED TV – but one thing that unites anyone who’s stayed in a high-end hotel is the delights of an ultra-comfortable bed. Below are some of the best hotel mattresses you can buy.

(Photo: Saatva)

Staying in an upscale hotel is one of life’s true indulgences, transporting you from the humdrum of everyday life into an almost – albeit fleetingly – fantasy-like existence. For anyone who’s stayed in a hotel and enjoyed such a good night’s sleep that you’ve been tempted to smuggle the bed home with you, we’ve picked out 10 of the most sumptuous mattresses used in hotels across the world that are available for consumer purchase and cover a range of price points.

The Saatva Classic

Available in 3 comfort levels and 2 hight options, the Saatva classic is an award-winning hybrid innerspring mattress that combines premium features with eco-friendly credentials and an affordable price tag. Manufactured by New York-based Saatva, the made-to-order mattress is the bedding of choice for various luxury hotels. To give you an extra spring in your step, it has even been approved for use by accredited chiropractors. (Doubles from $1,199)

BUY AT saatva.com

The Premier Inn Pillow Top (available in UK only)

Award-winning bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant Holder, Hypnos, is known for providing supremely comfortable and sustainable beds and mattresses to some of the world’s best homes and hotels, including Premier Inn. With a choice of four standard sizes available, including Single, Double, King or Super King, each mattress is beautifully crafted with 1000 pocket springs that sit independently within the mattress, providing the body with extra support and comfort. Assembled with a layer of soft and sustainable wool, the Premier Inn Pillow Top Mattress by Hypnos provides you with supreme comfort and support for a better night’s sleep. (Doubles from $599)

BUY AT premierinn.com

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The Jamison

Anyone who’s stayed in a Marriot hotel will have experienced the delights of a Jamison mattress. Featuring a resilient high-density soy-based comfort foam designed to equalise body support, improve blood flow and allowing for more restful slumber, it is one of the most popular hotel mattresses on the market. Offering medium to firm support, the mattress is hypo-allergenic and is designed to remain firm for years of restful nights, ensuring value for money as well as long term comfort. (Doubles from $1,700)

BUY AT us-mattress.com

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With more than 500 locations worldwide, Novatel are one of the most ubiquitous hotel brands. They use the dual-technology LIVE N DREAM mattress, which features a smart micro coil base with a memory foam upper layer which will support your back as much as possible. This top-of-the-range mattress guarantees universal yet personalised comfort thanks to this series of impressive innovations.(Doubles from $1,900)

BUY AT novotelstore.com

The Heavenly

Made by mattress brand Simmons specifically for the Westin Hotel chain, the top-of-the-range Heavenly is quite possibly the best most well-known hotel bed in the world. But despite its exclusivity to Westin hotels, the good news is that consumers can still buy one for their own homes to recreate that elusive hotel experience. Designed with plush, pillow-top construction and individual pocket springs for premium comfort and support, the Heavenly is a masterpiece in restful luxury. (Doubles from $2,195)

BUY AT westinstore.com

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The Beautyrest Black

With properties in some of the world’s most exotic destinations, it’s only right that the St Regis hotel brand have opted for one of the most luxurious mattresses on the market. Made by Simmons, the top-of-the-line BeautyRest Black mattress has become synonymous with indulgent, restorative sleep. Not only is it ultra-comfortable but also highly innovative, featuring ‘BlackICE 4.0 cooling technology and T3 Pocketed Coil Technology that allows its springs to independently respond to and support the spine. (Doubles from $1,929)

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The Presidential Suite II by Serta

Used by a number of upscale hotels chains around the world, including Hiltons, Conrads and Waldforfs, the Presidential Suite II boasts a clever two-sided flippable design. It has some neat technological features including premium hotel-grade Continuous Support Innerspring and Cool Twis Gel Foam that provides pressure-relieving comfort while promoting enhanced airflow. It also has total edge foam support to keep the sides from compressing under weight and providing a whole mattress surface experience. (Doubles from $950)

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The Kimpton

There’s some serious science that lays behind the serenity of a Kimpton mattress. Designed primarily for platform beds, they boast gel-infused foam layers and extra-high coil count with pressure-relief inlays for lumbar and leg support. What’s more, the optional box spring is sway resistant and noise dampening, which is blessed relief for those who suffer from a presence of a restless sleeping companion. (Doubles from $1,695)

BUY AT kimptonstyle.com

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The Sleep Experience

The priciest mattress on this list, the Sleep Experience Mattress (aka the Sheraton Mattress) is a custom-designed mattress with a delightful, plush-top design that delivers even, all-night comfort. Designed to eliminate uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning, it improves your circulation for a better night’s sleep. Other features include an encapsulated spring with spun, comfortable motion control, and reinforced edge support for sag prevention. (Doubles from $3,922)

BUY AT sheratonstore.com

The Sealy Posturepedic

Described in one online review as the “Cadillac of hotel mattresses”, the Sealy Posturepedic is a truly remarkable piece of sleep craftsmanship. Made for Ritz-Carlton hotels, the custom-designed mattress is crafted to the brand’s exacting standards using the finest materials. It features a plush-top construction for a soft, inviting top-surface; reinforced foam-encased edges for comfortable sitting and maximum room to spread out from corner to corner; and an advanced cooling design for perfect temperature control. (Doubles from $904)

BUY AT ritzcarltonshops.com

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