5 of the best Kenya Safaris from Nairobi

by Paul Joseph  |  Published November 27, 2018

Teeming with rich and mesmerising wildlife, Kenya is one of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Starting from the endless Savannah plains to its rugged mountains and hills, the country offers all who come here a magical experience and memories to last a lifetime. What’s more, with almost 8% of Kenya made up of protected areas specifically for wildlife conservation, your safari fee will contribute to the preservation of a hugely important ecosystem.

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is a hugely popular base from which to embark on a safari. Indeed, while most visitors venture far beyond the city, it does have its own National Park, a large game reserve known for breeding endangered black rhinos. If that doesn’t take your fancy, take a look at our tailored list below of the 5 best Kenya safaris starting in Nairobi.