The best Key West sunset cruises

by Paul Stafford  |  Published April 27, 2020

Key West conjures up images of Caribbean culture, steamy Gulf of Mexico weather, elegant colonial architecture and Ernest Hemingway fishing with a cold beer in hand. Located at the tip of the Florida Keys, 165 miles from Miami, this remarkable little town is very much the highlight of the archipelago. You’ll see boats wherever you go in these parts, so there’s plenty of opportunity and little enticement needed to get out onto the open sea, especially during a romantic sunset, to look back on Key West across the water with a glass of champagne.

Understandably, a huge number of sunset cruises and boat tours depart from Key West on a daily basis. A sunset dinner cruise can be one of the finest experiences you can have in the Keys, with food, wilderness and a little culture all thrown in together. Other options include sailing into the sunset on an elegant yacht, or dancing on deck to live music. We have navigated our way through the huge selection of Key West sunset cruises available to present you with the best five. The itinerary, value for money, uniqueness of experience and the reviews of previous guests were all taken into account.