5 of the Best Korean Spas in Los Angeles

by Paul Joseph  |  Published February 9, 2022

Among Los Angeles’ myriad of indulgent spas are several specialty sanctums offering a wide range of treatments and therapies whose origins can be found in Korea.

(Photo: Groupon / Hugh Spa)

Characterised by their communal atmosphere, Los Angeles’ Korean spas trace their heritage back to the east Asian region’s rich bathhouse tradition, which itself dates back to the 15th century. Today these types of spa are among the city’s most popular, thanks to their lavish, specialised services ranging from gold-leaf masks to authentic Korean scrubs. What’s more, with many open 24 hours a day, it’s never too late (or early) to pop in for some pampering. Here are 5 of the best Korean spas in LA.

Hugh Spa

Centred around helping women obtain health and beauty through all-natural means, the name of this day spa was inspired by the Korean word ‘hyu-ga’, which roughly translates as ‘take a break and throw all your troubles out the door’. Most of the spa’s treatments are focussed on detoxing, from body scrubs and exfoliation to uterus-strengthening herbal steams. Other notable services and amenities include a charcoal mud clay room, a Himalayan salt room, an ice room and an oxygen room. Although the spa is primarily for women, men are welcome for massage, waxing and skin care services.

Wi Spa

(Photo: Groupon / Courtesy Wi Spa)

Just minutes from Hollywood and downtown LA, Wi Spa take the concept of a “day spa” to a whole new level – or four to be precise, with a Women’s floor, Men’s floor, the family-friendly Jimjilbang and a charming rooftop terrace. Open 24/7, each of the spa’s floors features its own distinct and luxurious décor and houses a range of hot and cold tubs, dry and steam saunas, treatment stations, showers, and all of the beauty and grooming facilities you could wish for. Among the highlights is the signature Bulgama steam room, which is made mostly of oak wood and reaches 231 degrees for intense thermotherapy. The spa also has  a full-service restaurant and a fitness room.

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Aroma Spa & Sports

This sophisticated spa and sports facility features an extensive menu of treatments, along with a fitness centre and golf range. Tiled glass walls exude openness and elegance, with staff on hand to help your body and mind luxuriate in personalised pampering services. Custom massage and spa treatments are available, allowing guests to bask in a selection of sauna styles and temperature options: Steam, Dry, Clay, Jade, Korean Medicinal Healing Stone, Thermo-infrared ray; plus hot, temperate and cold pools and tubs. Guests can also perfect their fitness regime at modern workout stations, and take part in group yoga, dance and aerobics classes.

Olympic Spa

(Photo: Groupon / Courtesy Olympic Spa)

Another women-only spa in the heart of LA, the philosophy of Olympic Spa is underpinned by the belief that wellness comes from balance, self-care, and community. Striking a harmonious balance between East and West, the spa’s wide range of services and treatments include everything from CBD oils, Swedish massage techniques, and brown sugar polish to invigorating ‘Akasuri’ – a Korean technique of exfoliating the body with water and silk mitts to soften skin. Other notable amenities include salt water, relaxation and cold water pools; herbal steam, red clay and ice saunas; a halotherapy salt room; two indoor lounges; and a delightful veranda.

Century Day &  Night Spa

A traditional Korean Spa with a distinctly modern twist, Century Day & Night Spa features an assortment of indulgent hot tubs and saunas, along with an ice room, a swimming pool, a fitness centre and even a golf driving range at the front entrance of the building. Among the diverse treatments and services on offer are massages, facials, and body scrubs, including an authentic Korean Body Scrub that is designed to remove dead skin and leave you feeling as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom.