Menorca Airport Car Rental: The Best Companies

by Mark Rebindaine  |  Published April 11, 2022

Menorca Airport (MAH) or Mahon airport, as it is ofter referred to, is located 4.5km southwest of the capital of Mahón. One of the busiest airports in Spain, it handled just over 3.5 million passengers in 2019, making it the fifteenth busiest airport in the country.

Menorca (Photo: Nicolas Vigier via Flickr/ CC0 1.0)

At best, public transportation could be termed irregular, so if you want to enjoy the full scope of the island’s many beaches and its amaz-ing rural areas, the best way to get around is by hiring a car. In to-tal, there are eight rental car companies located on the the ground floor of MAH airport.

To pick out which of these deserve the top spots across three separate categories (Most Affordable, Best for Luxury and Best for Minivans), has conducted extensive researches across all the agen-cies operating from the airport and come up with the following results.

Most Affordable: Thrifty

For pure affordability, customers will find Click Rent offer the cheap-est prices at Menorca airport. However, for a household brand with con-sistently excellent customer reviews and some of the cheapest rentals, we would recommend Thrifty. In terms of pure pricing, other agencies run it a close second, but Thrifty’s excellent range of cars truly sets it apart. In the parking lot, they have cars like the sporty Renault Clio, the Hyundai I10 to the more spacious Renault Megane. Thrifty also scores highest on the overall condition of their vehicles.

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It’s worth noting that all rental car companies listed on are trustworthy, so it’s quite safe to just pick the lowest rental for your dates. However, we would recommend that you stick with a company that is located at the airport terminal of MAH Airport.

Best for Luxury: Sixt

They don’t come cheap, but for renters looking to explore the beauty of Menorca in security and style, then Sixt is the best choice. We searched a number of dates and lengths of stay during the high season (end June/end August) and for each period, Sixt was offering an Audi Q3 and a Volkswagen T-Roc at a little under €500 per day (other rental car agencies offers slightly lower rates, but their vehicles are not in the same category). As to be expected on a Mediterranean island like Menor-ca, prices are considerably lower either side of the July – September so if you can holiday out of high season, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money.

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Best for Minivans: Hertz

Travelling in large groups doesn’t appear to be a particularly popular way of travelling in Menorca. Nevertheless, Hertz had the best prices during the peak season with their Renault Grand Scenic costing €360 per day on the dates researched. More of a MPV than a passenger van, the stylish Renault Grand Scenic seats seven comfortably. Amongst its many features, it boasts an impressive multi-media navigation system equipped and a state-of-the-art sound system.

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