The best Oahu and Honolulu snorkeling tours

by Paul Joseph  |  Published July 19, 2019

The gateway to most Hawaii adventures, the island of Oahu combines a stunning setting with some superb water sports opportunities. Indeed the island is known by many as the birthplace of surf, with a statue of the sport’s founding father perched permanently on Waikiki’s Kuhio Beach. Meanwhile head inland and you’ll find plenty of other things to see and do, including tranquil nature reserves and the island’s bustling capital of Honolulu.

Among the most popular water sports to enjoy in Oahu and Honolulu is snorkeling. Visitors are welcome to embark on their own snorkeling expeditions, or they can join an organised tour instead if they prefer. For those favouring the latter, we’ve picked out five of the best snorkeling tours the island and its famous capital have to offer.