Where to find San Diego Zoo discount tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published December 28, 2018

With over 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies, San Diego Zoo is one of the finest animal sanctuaries anywhere in America, renowned for its diversity as well as the care taken of its inhabitants by the experienced zoo staff. In short, the zoo has been an iconic city attraction for more than a century and a must-visit for anyone travelling to Southern California.

A galloping cheetah at San Diego Zoo (Photo: MA1216via Flickr)

There is a huge choice of online vendors offering tickets to San Diego Zoo, including great value discount deals and cheap ticket prices, as well as add-ons such as hotel and zoo ticket packages and fast-track queuing. If you’re seeking discount tickets to San Diego Zoo, you may well want to check out our list below.

Reserve San Diego

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When you add them onto flights and hotel stays, visiting attractions can often turn vacations into a seriously expensive enterprise, especially for families. One way of mitigating your costs is through Reserve San Diego, who specialise in creating hotel and ticket packages that can result in significant savings. On searching for packages that included San Diego Zoo, we found deals that would save you anything up to $36 compared with booking the same hotel and tickets separately. The booking process is simple too and you can receive your tickets electronically to print out at home, or have them sent to you by post if you prefer. They also offer a 100% refund guarantee providing you cancel prior to a week before your trip.
Viator is a highly reputable website that has a giant inventory of tours and excursions across the globe. For visits to San Diego Zoo, we found plenty of options, ranging from basic admission tickets, to ticket and round-trip transport combos, to packages that include zoo tickets and access to other San Diego attractions too. Pricing varies from around $30 to $70. One of the biggest benefits of Viator is that their worldwide reputation will give you upmost peace of mine, and if you need any reassurance, you only need to peruse the online testimonials that speak glowingly about the service they provide. The company also offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, plus a 24/7 multilingual customer care service.

Go San Diego

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If you’re intending to visit several parks during your visit to San Diego, the most cost effective option is to purchase a Go San Diego card that includes more than 40 top attractions across the city. How much you’ll save depends on the card you opt for, but the website promises anything up to 25%. Cards are valid for anything from 1 to 7 days, and give you total flexibility to visit as many or as few attractions as you wish. You can even pre-build your own pass, if you know the ones you want to visit in advance. Passes are valid for 30 days after your first attraction visit. An added bonus is that you can carry the card electronically on your phone, meaning no stressing about losing a hard copy, although this option is only available if you buy online. Cards also offer you skip the line privileges at certain attractions.