The Best Soft Shell Jacket Brands for Men

by Paul Joseph  |  Published April 19, 2022

Warm, water-resistant and stretchy, softshell jackets are the coat of choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts around the world.

(Photo: Helly Hansen)

When you’re skiing, climbing, mountaineering, or hiking, wearing durable, weather-appropriate clothing is essential. One of the most important items of attire for heavy-duty outdoor activities is your jacket, and softshell jackets – featuring woven fabric – are hugely popular for such purposes. Combining functionality and style, not only do they keep you comfy when you’re active, but they also look good when you’re knocking about town.  We’ve picked out 5 of the best softshell jacket brands for men below.

Helly Hansen

Founded way back in 1877, Norwegian clothing and sports equipment manufacturer and retailer Helly Hansen are the go-to guys for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Ethically sourced and produced with durable materials, their top grade apparel continues to is designed to help people stay and feel alive.  Among their collection is a full range of breathable, protective and stretchy soft shell jackets that are suitable for all outdoor activities, from hiking and climbing to back country skiing.

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C.P. Company

(Photo: C.P. Company)

Founded in the 1970s  by Italian designer Massimo Osti, widely considered the “godfather of urban sportswear,” C.P. Company have been responsible for one of the most influential bursts of creativity in the history of sportswear. Over the last decades, the brand has continued to develop a ground-breaking hybrid style that combines the functionality of vintage military, work and sportswear with intense fabric research and innovation, heightened by the use of garment dyeing, a technique which the brand pioneered in the mid-1970s. Among their products are a variety of stylish but functional, and flexible but protective, soft shell jackets featuring trail-blazing next generation re-cycled nylon fabric.

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Goodworth Sports

Another renowned soft shell jacket maker is Pakistan-based Goodworth Sports, who manufacture a huge assortment of low cost customised sportswear tailored to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. They stock a number of soft shell jackets that protect you from harsh weather climates such as wind and rain, making them ideal garments for outdoor activities from the sedate to the extreme. The functionality of the jackets extends to their durability and they are also easy to clean.

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Engelbert Strauss

(Photo: Engelbert Strauss)

Based in Germany, Engelbert Strauss are best known for their functional and fashionable workwear. However, the company’s collections are also popular with everyday consumers. Their online shop offers a total of 15 softshell jackets and vests for men, women and children in many different variations and for a variety of uses, all made using water repellent, windproof, breathable and elastic materials. Among the most popular are their high-visibility soft shell jackets, which are particularly suited to outdoor activities where visibility may be an issue such as cycling, road-running and skiing.

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Established in Abergavenny, Wales at the foot of the Black Mountains in 1986, outdoor brand Trekkit provides top quality apparel and equipment for mountaineers, hill walkers, climbers and travellers. A self-proclaimed “service for adventure”, they hold large stocks backed up by award-winning customer service. Each season, their experienced Buying Team hand selects their range from the industry’s top brands. They have an extensive range of soft shell jackets in a variety of colours, sizes, styles and price points, ensuring you’re certain to find one to suit your taste, budget and needs.

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