Like a Local: 7 of the best Bars in Luxembourg City

by Holly Riddle  |  Published June 7, 2018

Luxembourg City often goes overlooked by travelers on the search for a roaring good time, who flock instead to Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin. Yet this quiet country, with its rich culture and history, has plenty to offer in terms of libations, just waiting for the lucky sojourner to stumble upon them.

When snow-laden Luxembourg is lit up for winter, where else would you expect to find all the locals but tucked into character-rich bars, sipping beers and cocktails in comfort? (Photo: Tristan Schmurr)

Every traveler has a different drinking style. Maybe you prefer to slowly sip a glass of wine while overlooking a spectacular view? Perhaps you enjoy a cozy atmosphere for a beer with your favorite person? Or, a loud hotspot where you can dance the night away to some of the world’s best DJs, a martini in hand? However you take your drink, Luxembourg City delivers.

Bosso Restaurant Brasserie

The food at Bosso Restaurant Brasserie isn’t half-bad, either! (Photo: Holly Riddle)

Bosso Restaurant Brasserie is highly-recommended by the guidebooks, and for good reason. The restaurant’s charming setting, tucked within the Grund district of Luxembourg City, is cozy, quaint and altogether memorable. Saddle up to the bar, situated underneath a rock ceiling, and order a regional beer; cocktail (the menu is simple, yet well-done); or one of what they call their “drunk hot friends,” an array of warm beverages, like mulled wine and grog, with a regional touch. When you get hungry, the menu is filled with all the comfort foods you’ll need to soak up those drinks.

Bisserweg, 7 – Luxembourg 1238

Urban Bar

With a great location near the city center, Urban Bar is an awesome starting point for a night on the town. The bar checks all the boxes for what a “cool bar” should be — stylish decor, modern amenities, nothing too flashy, craft cocktails and food that’s a step above what the local pub is serving. The cocktails feature a nice variety of gins and the beer list covers favorites from across the globe. As far as food, options range from burgers to salads to sandwiches, but if you’re really hungry, go for the “Full Irish Breakfast for Champions,” which features five Irish sausages, bacon, eggs, grilled veggies, beans, toast and Clonakilty pudding. Though the atmosphere is high-brow, the crowd is far from intimidating.

2 Rue de la Boucherie, 1247 Luxembourg

Cafe Des Artistes

Not quite in the Grund area, but close enough to make a side trip to the medieval, historic district a must, Cafe Des Artistes is relaxed, casual and perfect for a group of friends just wanting to chill and enjoy a fun, yet low-key evening. There’s an old piano for melodic tunes, walls covered in interesting relics and lots of local beer to try. The welcoming vibe may trick you into feeling as if you’ve been coming here for years.

22 Montée du Gründ, 1645 Luxembourg

Go Ten

The streets around the palace may seem unassuming during the day, but at night, they come alive with bars that surely deliver (Photo: Holly Riddle)

Luxembourg days seem to easily (even strategically) bleed into night, as the prime watering holes bump up next to the top tourist spots. Take, for example, Go Ten. The bar and cafe specializes in gin and tonics, but that doesn’t have to be your drink of choice (though it’s certainly recommended). The gin collection is the largest in the region, and the staff members know their stuff. If your drink’s not warming you, never fear — the heated benches on the streets are toasty all winter long.

rue du Marche-aux-Herbes L-1728 Luxembourg


Steps from the royal abode, party like an aristocrat (Photo: Holly Riddle)

If sipping drinks by a fire, snuggled up to your traveling companion, isn’t your idea of a perfect evening out, Palais may be more your style. With live music nearly every night of the week, Palais provides a change of pace. Pick a night with your favorite genre and head out to drink and dance just steps from where Luxembourg royalty live and play. Whether you prefer jazz, deep house music or internationally-renowned DJs, this is the place to get your music fix. Grab a quenching drink, find an empty couch and lounge between your favorite songs.

13 r. du Marche-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg

Scott’s Pub

With a view like this, it’s not hard to drink the day away (Photo: Holly Riddle)

Back in the Grund lies Scott’s Pub. The casual, Irish-style pub is one of the most famous in the city. What’s more, this local haunt offers great views of the River Alzette, right there in front of you. The terrace is a great choice in the summer, but even if you’re in the city in the chillier months, the open fireplaces make Scott’s a comfortable and casual pick.

4 Bisserweg L-1238 Luxembourg


Also with views of the Alzette (though those at Scott’s are arguably better), Ikki serves an entirely different atmosphere. A large bar is lit up with neon lights and a billiard lounge awaits. The terrace is decked out with summery umbrellas, wicker chairs and palm fronds. The staff is a classy, fun group, and the events Ikki hosts are almost endless — DJs, costume parties and more await. The drinks are plentiful, too, with a full menu to choose from, including a decent array of Champagne.

19-21 Rives de Clausen, Luxembourg