5 of the Best Kissimmee Airboat & Swamp Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published January 29, 2021

As the southern part of the sprawling Orlando metropolis, Kissimmee is your gateway to the remarkable natural world located near the theme park fantasy of Orlando. In many respects, the Florida Everglades does what no amount of imagination can – it brings you the sheer surprise and thrill of a natural world that we ourselves are part of. That kind of connection makes for some extraordinarily memorable encounters. And by adding in the thrill of an airboat gliding over the swampland, you’re likely to get an adrenaline boost that no rollercoaster can match.

The flat, brackish wetlands around Kissimmee are home to an abundance of wildlife. You’re almost certain to encounter caimans and alligators. And given that alligators are pretty near the top of the food chain (barring us humans, of course), you can guarantee there’s plenty of wildlife on all the rungs below that to sustain them. There are lots of great airboat and swamp tours from Kissimmee, so we have narrowed the list down for you a little, bringing you the best five based on many considerations, such as the value for money, tour duration as well as the reviews of previous guests.