3 of the Best Luggage Shipping Services

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated July 11, 2022

Preparing to move out for any length of time can be daunting – especially when it comes to packing up your stuff. Luckily there are plenty of companies that will transport your cargo for you.

(Photo: Luggage Forward)

The benefits of using a luggage shipping service extend beyond being able to travel hands-free. They also come with added security compared with checking in luggage, not to mention allowing you to skip long lines at airports and other transport hubs, avoid irritating fees and negotiating public transport with heavy bags. If you’re seeking a reliable luggage shipping company, we’ve done some research and picked out 5 of the best.


Headquartered in Boston, LugLess are our number one choice for luggage shipping within the US. They’ve been aiding clients since 2009, and bill themselves as the only cost-competitive alternative to the inconvenience and expense of carrying and checking bags at the airport by enabling travellers to ship luggage directly to their destination. As part of their easy and intuitive service, LugLess provide you with a shipping label to attach to your luggage, which you then send to UPS or FedEx via a designated drop-off location convenient to you. UPS or FedEx will then deliver the luggage directly to your final destination address, allowing you to skip the dreaded baggage claim queue. Luggage can be tracked via the website and you’ll be notified when it arrives. LugLess also offer a dedicated 24/7 support service.

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Luggage Forward

In addition to catering to every zip code in the US, Luggage Forward also ships luggage around the world and are our favourite company for international shipping. Established by two childhood friends, they’ve since grown to become the leading provider of door-to-door luggage delivery to more than 200 countries worldwide.  Offering multiple specialised services and price points to fit the requirements of almost any itinerary, the company instantly identifies the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective method of shipment for each individual booking. A set of online tools allow clients to generate pricing, securely book online and track luggage real-time, leaving you to enjoy your journey, free from the hassles of carrying or checking in your luggage. They also offer include a double money back on-time guarantee for every bag they ship.

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Send My Bag

SendmyBag are a UK-based company that offer luggage delivery routes all over the world. Whether you’re relocating abroad, going on an extended trip, or moving away to college or university, their services let you travel luggage free, skip airport queues and avoid paying extortionate airline baggage fees. Booking is easy, starting with a hassle free quote tool to get a price for your delivery within seconds. In the days before your collection, you’ll receive a confirmation email which includes a tracking number and printable labels to attach to your bags. Collections then usually take place between 9am and 6pm and you can track your luggage through both local and international couriers. SendmyBag also offer a price-match guarantees, as well as a money-back guarantee if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time on UK domestic or European Union routes.

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