South Carolina

Editor picks: Oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach

by Alexander Castro  |  Published October 25, 2018

South Carolina’s “Grand Strand” spans 60 miles of sand and shore, and Myrtle Beach is at heart of it all. An increasingly popular destination, Myrtle Beach’s metro area has witnessed booming growth in recent years, fueled by its alluring climate and beachfront delights. Entertainment, arts, family fun and of course a plethora of outdoor activities are all possible at Myrtle Beach. The boardwalk is another not-miss attraction, as is the colorful ferris wheel that overlooks all this splendor.

About 14 million people visit Myrtle Beach annually. Interested in joining them? There are plenty of hotels in the area willing to accommodate you. We’ve selected a handful of options for you in Myrtle Beach, ranging from affordable to slightly splurgy. Regardless of price, each beachfront property listed here will let you indulge this rich oasis of the Grand Strand.