Cheap Short or Long Term Parking at San Diego Airport

by Paul Joseph  |  Published October 9, 2019

Situated 3 miles from Downtown San Diego, San Diego International Airport carries about 50,000 passengers each day and serves several international destinations including Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Owing to its close proximity to the city centre, travelling to the airport by road is usually fairly hassle free, but if you’re travelling during busy periods than we’d still recommend allowing some extra time.

There are a number of options for short and long term parking near San Diego airport, but finding good rates is not always simple and can require a bit of shopping around. If you have a decent budget, on-airport parking is the best option, but if it’s cheap parking you’re after then you may want to consult our list below, which features three of the best off site facilities offering economy parking rates at Toronto airport.